Where is Sedan Dip located?

Sedan Dip is located 100 kilometre north of Julia Creek on the sealed road to Burke and Wills Junction making access with truck or caravan straightforward.

What does it cost to attend or stay at Sedan Dip?

The Sedan Dip committee does not charge an entry fee to the races or a camping fee.

Is there power and water?

There are taps available at Sedan Dip to fill water tanks however, there is no power.

Is there food and drink available?

Yes, there is a range of food and drink available for sale all weekend.

Are there showers and restrooms?

Yes, there are plenty of showers and restrooms available for all to use.

What is the nearest town?

Julia Creek is the nearest town with sealed bitumen access all the way to Sedan Dip. Julia Creek has a hospital, a range of shopping, an accredited information centre, fuel, mechanics, cash and banking facilities and a range of accommodation options. For more information on Julia Creek go to www.atthecreek.com.au

Is there fuel available at Sedan Dip?

No. The nearest fuel stations are in Julia Creek or Burke and Will Junction. Make sure you leave these locations with enough fuel to get to your next destination.

Is there cash out or EFTPOS facilities at Sedan Dip?

There is EFTPOS at Sedan Dip, but we recommend travelling from Julia Creek with enough cash for the weekend.

Is there phone service at Sedan Dip?

No. There is next G Telstra phone service and pay phones in Julia Creek.